Rosa rain storm remnants enough to cause serious damages

Flooded streetsThe worst has now happened and the remnants of Rosa has wreaked havoc all over town with around 2 inches of rain. Many streets were completely flooded to the point that the residents had to recur to way longer routes to get to their destinations. Such was the welcome the city provided this morning where the Benito Juarez Blvd. and Samuel Ocaña Blvd. juncture was flooded knee high. Sonoyta’s River got a historic volume raising heights not seen in 35 years which cause several parts of the Sonoyta – Peñasco Highway impassable. Sadly that did not stop people from trying to pass it and because of it there is one confirmed death.  Claudia Pavlovich has raised an emergency status for all the cities affected by this storm in order to assist people who were affected the most to resume their life. All first responders personnel have been working day and night to clear the roads and assist people in need and everyone is hoping that his will go back to normal very soon.

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